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Video trailer for Teater Pero’s play “Kompiskompassen” (2014) with Pernilla Göst and Kaj Ahlgren, directed by Isabelle von Saenger and produced by Cecilia Meeuwisse. Aimed at a young audience (9-12 years old) and family, the play deals with the dilemmas of comradeship, trust and the ethical challenges of growing up in society. More info: http://www.pero.se


Video trailer for Teater Barbara’s play “Åsiktsmaskinen” (2013) with Carina Jingrot, Anders Jansson, Isabelle von Saenger and Johan Ehn, directed by Ulf Evrén and produced by Johan Selander and Kerstin Svedeby. A play for a young audience, dealing with the influence of media and the common misuse of its opinion-making power in our everyday life. More info: http://www.teaterbarbara.nu


Trailer for Teater Barbara’s play “Guds Lille Narr” (2013), a solo piece performed by Hans Nyberg and directed by Ulf Evrén. Based on an old Italian folktale of the transformation of a street urchin into one of the worlds most celebrated stage clowns, it deals with the gifts and hardships of the artistic life and its potential for spiritual elevation. More info: http://www.teaterbarbara.nu


Trailer for Teater Barbara’s play “Hoppsan” (2012), performed by Hans Nyberg, Sarah Appelberg, and directed by Lena Nylén. A children’s tale of fantasy, make believe and budding friendship, all wrapped up in a rhythmic, poetic, and musical tempo sensibility. More info: http://www.teaterbarbara.nu